February 24, 2021

Stories: Jet It x HCB Yachts

Achieving the Ultimate Work-Life Balance

By Lindsay Greene

Maintaining a high-functioning lifestyle can become difficult when time is a barrier. Work and family responsibilities can become demanding, and it leaves little space for one to fully unplug and preserve work-life balance. According to Harvard Business Review, the average CEO spent eight percent of their time traveling in 2017. That equates to over 29 days per year spent driving and flying. Imagine being able to get back even a portion of that time; you’d increase the opportunity to outrun competitors and benefit from added personal days. Jet It makes it possible do just that.

Jet It provides you a private jet for the entire day. There’s no waiting in commercial airports to get through daunting TSA lines, no worrying about flight delays and cancellations, and no unknown passengers in your cabin – just simplicity and convenience. At only $1,600 per hour, Jet It is a “private, fast, and smart” solution that creates access at a reasonable cost. Furthermore, with our day-use model, it’s possible for you to stack cross-state meetings or adventures into a single day.

Jet It supporter, Andy Simmons, is the President of Sales at HCB Yachts and believes in protecting his time as well as his clients’. When Andy’s client is ready to purchase one of their center console yachts, he treats his clients with a trip to the design and manufacturing facility in Vonore, TN. Being able to examine the manufacturing process and select customizations in person ensures the best possible outcome for his client. Able to schedule Jet It flights just 24 hours in advance, Andy says, “There are times when a client wants to view their yacht’s progress, and having a jet ready to go in short notice makes it possible to fly my client in and have them home hours later.” He continues, “In sales, meeting face to face is critical, and being able to add value by respecting yacht owners’ time allows HCB to stand out from the competition.”

Family and fun is also valuable to Andy. With Jet It, Andy can enjoy favorite two past times racing on a closed track or taking his boat out on the water. Andy enjoys driving supercars around the esteemed Virginia International Racetrack (VIR) in Alton, VA. VIR is a short 38-minute flight from his manufacturing site in Tennessee, so having convenient access via Jet It allows Andy to drive more often. Andy says, “I used to only have time to race two to three times per year. Jet It makes it possible to go six or seven.”

After checking on a current project at his facility, Andy flew to VIR for an afternoon of excitement. Once he arrived, he whipped a Ferrari 458 and around the track with other drivers in his rearview. Being able to incorporate spontaneity into his schedule gives Andy the stress relief and fuel to be his best for himself, his work, and his family.

In the same day, Andy returned home to Jupiter, FL for an evening out on the water with his wife and friends. While in flight, he prepared for the rest of the week’s responsibilities using the unlimited, high-speed WiFi in his jet while enjoying the spacious and serene cabin. Andy says, “The flights are extremely comfortable and the Jet It pilots are amazing. I had my wife and dog with me, and the pilots are all so accommodating and welcoming.”

After an incredibly productive day, Andy was back home and on the water 12 hours after his day began. He says, “Ending every day on the water with my wife and friends is the greatest advantage of Jet It. Life is too short. With Jet It, I can do the things I love and be with the people I love more often.”

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